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Do you deal with bitcoin?

Do you deal with bitcoin? Do you have bitcoin for sale? Looking for a good rate to buy or sell? Looking for instant transaction? You deal with Gift Card and looking for a Merchant to convert your bitcoin to naira instantly after you have made the exchange?


Look no further, we are certified Merchants who buys and sells bitcoin at affordable rates. We credit your bitcoin wallet (if you want to buy) or your bank account (if you want to sell) instantly – within 5mins- after confirmation.

We offer very affordable prices with a good customer relation. A trial with us, and you never need to go anywhere else. Everything is done on WhatsApp instantly.

For a sense of community we will also be creating WhatsApp groups, where bitcoin buyers and sellers can come together and rapor with each other learning a thing or two.

Reach us on the following numbers:




Thanks for your patronage. Stay bless.

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